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Misconceptions About Dentists

August 8, 2016
Posted By: Sue Collier
Misconceptions about Dentists in Wilmington, DE

It’s true that a lot of people don’t particularly like going to the dentist. People have a number of reasons for this, but another truth is that many people don’t like going to the dentist because they have misconceptions about the dentist. They might even let these erroneous beliefs keep them from going to the dentist twice each year like they should.

Let’s take a look at some of the common misconceptions people believe about dentists. Let’s talk about the truth about dentists so you don’t put off seeing your dentist in Wilmington DE.

True or False?

I don’t need to see the dentist because I brush and floss daily, and I am not having any trouble with my teeth.

This is false! Prevention is vital when it comes to your oral health, and regular dental examinations and cleanings are a big part of that. In addition, regular visits to the dentist will ensure that any problems that do occur are spotted early, while they are still easier and less expensive to treat.

Dentists do not know how to deal with patients who have anxiety about visiting the dentist.

This is false! In fact, dentists receive special training in dealing with people who are anxious when it comes to visiting the dentist. Dentists realize that a lot of people have dental anxiety, and it is their goal to provide treatment to everyone—whether they are anxious or not.

If you are afraid of the dentist, there is nothing that can be done to help you get over it.

This is false! There are a number of things that can be done for highly fearful patients, including various types of sedation dentistry. And sometimes just understanding what a treatment will involve can do a lot to calm fears.

If you haven’t been to the dentist in a long time, you need to be embarrassed about your poor oral health

This is false! Your dentist has seen people with worse oral health than you have. Your dentist is not there to judge; your dentist is there to give you the best oral care possible.

Make an Appointment Today

Don’t let misconceptions about the dentist prevent you from seeing your dentist in Wilmington DE. Call us today and make an appointment for an examination and cleaning!


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