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As we grow older and indulge in tooth-staining foods and beverages, our teeth may lose their brightness and surface shine and become discolored, stained, or darkened because of injury. Maybe you see yellow teeth when you smile, and you have simply resigned yourself to the way your smile looks.

Today, we have amazing tooth whitening systems that can restore your brighter smile! In our office, we recommend the at-home custom tray whitening process, where a sparkling new smile can be yours after one weekend! We also offer in-office teeth whitening at our Wilmington, DE dental office.

Many of our patients have tried over-the-counter teeth whitening systems and have become frustrated and disappointed with their results. This is because the varieties sold in drug stores contain a weaker whitening agent.

In addition, the trays or strips that they offer to hold the whitening agent tend to leak and adhere to your gums, causing irritation, and in some cases if used too frequently, gum recession.

Conversely, our Wilmington, DE patients have had excellent results with our professional tooth whitening system. The trays are made specifically for your teeth. They will hold the whitening agent securely on the teeth where it belongs, and it will not leak out to your gums. Best of all, you can use these trays over and over again for touch-ups as needed.

If you have questions about teeth whitening, take a look below, and you will find many of them answered for you. We also invite you to contact our Wilmington, DE dental office. Our experienced team is happy to tell you more about professional teeth whitening.

What causes tooth discoloration and who is a good candidate for the teeth whitening process?

Teeth can be discolored in response to the aging process or as a result of consuming foods and beverages that stain such as red wine, coffee, colas, and tea. Smoking, nerve damage, old tooth restorations, and excessive use of fluoride can also discolor your teeth.

Most people will see a vast improvement in their smiles from the whitening process, but only your Wilmington, DE top dentist can predict whether your teeth will respond by diagnosing the cause of your discoloration after looking at your dental history. The degree of whiteness obtained will, of course, vary from patient to patient. Some patients' teeth are naturally whiter than others from the beginning. Naturally, their results will likely be whiter in the end.

Is the whitening process safe? Are there any side effects?

You can rest assured that the whitening process is probably the safest cosmetic procedure available, and this has been backed by countless clinical studies. Over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments are notorious for causing sensitivity, which is just one of the reasons teeth whitening should be done under a professional’s care.

Some people may experience increased sensitivity to cold during the treatment, but this normally disappears in a couple of days. In addition, at our Wilmington, DE dental office, we use a formula that contains a maximum sensitivity protection that protects most patients from any feelings of sensitivity after teeth whitening.

How does the teeth whitening process work?

After Dr. Gladnick or Dr. Justison has determined that you are a good candidate for the teeth whitening process, he will take impressions of your teeth. This will allow him to make a custom tray or appliance that will hold the whitening gel in place. At your next visit, you will try on your trays and be given the home whitening kit, along with specific instructions on how to apply the gel and how long to wear your trays.

We will also encourage you to maintain proper oral hygiene through flossing and brushing and to avoid stain-causing beverages during the process. Give us a call today to book an appointment.

Will professional teeth whitening in Wilmington, DE, get rid of those chalky white spots on my teeth?

Chalky white mottling are a common phenomenon that can otherwise mar a great smile and are caused by enamel demineralization. Unfortunately, teeth whitening doesn’t usually remove these white spots. Patients can do two things to help these white areas to blend with the rest of the tooth

First, they should brush with a toothpaste containing amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP). Second, they can apply fluoride daily to teeth in low concentrations in the form of toothpaste, home rinses (such as ACT), and a dental varnish applied directly by the dentist.

These remedies can take a while to produce the desired changes. However, for a more immediate and instantaneous solution, dental bonding at our Wilmington, DE dental office produces an excellent result.

Do teeth whitening strips purchased over-the-counter work?

The short answer is that whitening strips are cheap, but they will only slightly whiten teeth that are already fairly light in color. Whitening strips are not effective on badly stained teeth, and they can take one to two months before results are seen.

woman picking teeth whitening shade | teeth whitening wilmington deA better alternative is custom-made whitening trays made by your dentist. These trays will hold the whitening agent in place while protecting your gums from exposure to the agent. The whitening agent is also a stronger concentration and will produce results in a week. Some people see a difference in a couple of days. Trays have the added advantage of reusability. The patient takes them home and can reuse them for touch-ups.

It is important to remember that no whitening agents should be used when undergoing a bonding process as it can adversely affect the efficacy of the adhesive. If you have additional questions about cosmetic bonding, we welcome your call to our Wilmington, DE dental office.

What about other teeth whitening options available over-the-counter?

Many people wonder if the whitening kits they purchase at drugstores and department stores provide the same results as professional teeth whitening from their Wilmington, DE dentist. The answer is no!

Whitening products that can be purchased without dentist oversight in stores or online have a much lower concentration of active ingredients than those you get from your dentist. This is because the law regulates the concentration of these products out of fear of potential harm to a consumer who is using them without the benefit of professional monitoring and maintenance.

The solutions you purchase at our Wilmington, DE dental office are stronger and more highly concentrated since you will be monitored by dental professionals throughout your whitening process. In-office products are safe for both teeth and gum tissue—when they are monitored and used properly—and you’ll receive a more dramatic and longer-lasting result.

What else should I know about teeth whitening?

At our Wilmington, DE dental office, we recommend that patients have their teeth cleaned prior to getting them whitened. When you come in for an examination and cleaning, talk to your dentist about teeth whitening and decide which option might be right for you. We will tailor teeth whitening treatment to fit your lifestyle and smile goals.

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