Root Canals in Pike Creek, DE

man smiling in dentist exam chair | root canals wilmington deDespite the bad jokes and the ill-conceived notions that the procedure is painful, the truth is that root canal therapy in Wilmington, DE, can actually save your tooth. Even with all the advances and advantages of modern dentistry, there is no replacement that is better than your own natural tooth. Root canal therapy in Wilmington will eliminate your pain and the infection in your tooth that's causing it while also preserving your natural tooth.

What Happens During Root Canal Therapy at Gladnick Family Dentistry?

Is your tooth sensitive or painful when exposed to hot or cold? Does it throb? Do you have pain that travels to your ear or eye? Do you have swelling around your tooth? These are all possible signs that you may need endodontic (root canal) treatment.

During root canal treatment, one of our dentists carefully removes the infected and diseased tissue inside your tooth, seals it with a small temporary filling, and then gives it ample time to heal properly. Once your tooth has completely healed, you'll return to Justison and Gladnick Family Dentistry to have a permanent crown or filling placed. This protects your tooth, which tends to be more brittle after root canal treatment, and ensures you enjoy the functions of eating and chewing you had before your tooth infection.

Is Root Canal Treatment Painful?

Contrary to the stories you may have heard about root canals, the procedure actually relieves your pain and eliminates tooth infection. Thanks to the latest in modern techniques and the best dental anesthetic available, most of our patients in the New Castle County area report that they are comfortable during the procedure. You may experience some sensitivity for the first few days after the treatment, but this is minimal and normal. Better yet, you'll get to retain your natural tooth without having to worry about costly tooth replacement.

What Happens If I Don't Get Root Canal Treatment?sideview of root canal steps | dentist wilmington delaware

When a tooth's pulp is damaged, extraction is the only other alternative to endodontic therapy. However, once the tooth is extracted, we must fill the space to prevent the surrounding teeth from shifting and moving your bite out of alignment. Your dentist can usually accomplish this with a bridge or an implant, but these procedures are much more costly than the endodontic treatment.

The bottom line is, even with the advancements in tooth replacement technology, nothing is more suitable than your own natural tooth. Root canal therapy will allow you to keep your natural tootha clear advantage.

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