Root Canals in Pike Creek, DE

root canals | root canal therapy | pike creek deDespite the bad jokes and the ill-conceived notions, root canal therapy can be your tooth's BFF (best friend forever!) because it can save your tooth. Even with all the advances and advantages of modern dentistry, no replacement is as good as your own natural tooth. Patients all over New Castle County agree that after receiving treatment they were able to return to work in total comfort the same day.

What Is Endodontic Treatment at ​Justison and Gladnick Family Dentistry?

Does your tooth have lingering pain when exposed to hot or cold? Does is throb? Do you have pain that travels to your ear or eye? Do you have swelling around your tooth? If so, you may need endodontic treatment.

Endodontic therapy treats the pulp – the soft tissue inside your tooth. When the pulp develops an infection or inflammation, treatment is necessary. Causes of inflammation and infection include decay, trauma, or cracks and chips in the tooth. Without treatment, you’ll continue to experience pain, or you could develop an abscess.

Also known as a “root canal,” endodontic treatment involves carefully cleaning and shaping the inside of the tooth, then filling and sealing the space. Afterward, a crown or other restoration will be placed on the tooth to protect it and restore it to full function. Because teeth that have had endodontic treatment can become brittle, they are more susceptible to fracture. We recommend that your protective restoration be placed as soon as possible following your treatment.

Is the procedure painful?

On the contrary, endodontic procedures are performed to relieve pain! Thanks to the latest in modern techniques, most of our patients in the New Castle County area report that they are comfortable during the procedure. You may experience some sensitivity for the first few days after the treatment, but this is minimal.

What are the alternatives to endodontic treatment offered at our Pike Creek Office?

When the pulp of a tooth is damaged, the only other alternative to endodontic therapy is extraction.Once the tooth is extracted, we must fill the space to prevent the surrounding teeth from shifting and knocking your bite out of alignment. This can usually be accomplished with either a bridge or an implant, but these procedures are much more costly then the endodontic treatment would have been.

The fact is, even though tooth replacement technology is constantly improving, no replacement will ever be as good as your own natural tooth. Endodontic therapy will allow you to keep your natural teeth – a clear advantage.

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