Non-Metal Bridges in Wilmington, DE

woman receiving dental exam l dental bridges wilmingtonStrength and beauty in an incredible combination! Dr. Gladnick will restore your smile to its original perfection. Missing side and front teeth have been replaced without displaying the grey shadow so common to most bridgework.

What Are Dental Bridges in Wilmington?

A dental bridge will fill the space left by the loss of one or more teeth, and it a beautiful solution to a smile that is compromised by lost teeth.

Fixed bridges span the space (or “bridge the gap”) left by one or more missing teeth. It is bonded or cemented in place and will function like your own teeth. Your youthful smile will be restored! There is no need to remove the bridge from the mouth for cleaning – in fact, your new bridge will adhere so efficiently that only the dentist can remove it. You will be able to chew, speak, and smile with confidence!

A fixed bridge is attached to your natural teeth. Gold, porcelain-fused-to-metal, and all-porcelain artificial teeth are options to consider. 

We may also recommend a “Maryland Bridge, which is a resin-bonded fixed bridge. This type of bridge allows us to replace one or multiple missing teeth. Because it is bonded into place, no crowns or alteration of existing healthy teeth is necessary. Dr. Gladnick can determine whether this restorative dental treatment method is appropriate for you.

Dental Bridges with Your Wilmington, DE Dentist

Our patients come from all over Delaware, from Sussex County to Kent and New Castle Counties, as well as parts of Cecil County, Maryland, and Chester County, Pennsylvania, to take advantage of Dr. Gladnick's expertise and artistic ability in crafting bridges that look and feel like your natural teeth. No one, except you and the doctor, will know that you have had dental work. How is this possible? Dr. Mark Gladnick uses only the best materials and the most respected labs to support his artistry in making teeth that look and feel natural. Your bridge will have the same translucency and feel like your original teeth.

We feel that you deserve the best that dentistry has to offer! Dr. Gladnick is most willing to meet with you to discuss your treatment at your convenience. Evening hours are available by appointment at our Pike Creek, DE dental office. Call us today at (302) 994-2660.