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FAQs: Dental Implants

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Here are some of the most commonly asked dentistry questions we are asked by patients, as well as excerpts from Dr. Gladnick's column in the Wilmington News Journal's "Ask the Dentist." If you have further questions, or want to schedule your next dentist appointment, call us today!


Dental Implants

dental bridge | dental implant | wilmington deThe advantage of getting an implant is that you are able to floss between your teeth, just as you do with your own teeth. An implant will also help to preserve the bone supporting the tooth. The other advantage is that the teeth on either side of the missing tooth will not have to be prepared as they would to accept the bridge.

However, this is not a good option for everyone. Since implants require surgery, patients seeking implants must be in good overall health and have healthy gums. It’s also necessary for you to have enough bone structure to support the implant. When you see the dentist, you can be fully evaluated to see which option is best for you.

When a tooth is lost, the surrounding teeth and the tooth above can drift or move out of alignment, disrupting your bite relationship. Shifting creates gaps where more food can be trapped, which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Muscle-tension headaches, migraines, and pain can result from shifting teeth. Your dentist can recommend solutions that recreate strength and beauty while maintaining bite stability.

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dental implant | cosmetic dentistry | wilmington deYES!! Dental implants are now considered the standard of care for missing teeth.

Studies show that after ten years, 90% of the implant cases continue to be successful. Unlike bridges, there is no undue damage to adjacent teeth. Why cut two good teeth to replace one missing tooth if you don’t need to?  

With bridges, you still get bone loss in the area of the missing tooth – the opposite is true with implants. Implants help maintain bone integrity. Because implants are stronger, healthier, maintain bone, last longer, and are not damaging to adjacent teeth, in most cases they are and should be considered the standard of care in any office.

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