Tooth Colored Restorations & Fillings in Wilmington, DE

Your restorative dentist can now replace silver amalgam or dark metal fillings with tooth-colored porcelain and composite resin. These two materials replicate the appearance of natural teeth so well that you––and everyone else––will be unable to tell where the restoration ends, and your natural tooth begins.

At ​Justison and Gladnick Family Dentistry, we offer tooth-colored porcelain and composite resin fillings to repair teeth while preserving the aesthetics. Both of these materials securely bond to the tooth, so your restorations will have more strength and durability. 

Benefits of Tooth-Colored Restorations

One significant benefit of tooth-colored restorations is that patients can protect and maintain their natural tooth structure. If you have a cavity, your Wilmington, DE dentist removes the infected part of the tooth, also known as caries, and replaces it with the tooth-colored filling material. Composite materials such as porcelain and composite resin bond to the tooth, which doesn’t require as much removal of healthy tooth structure as metal fillings. 

Another benefit of tooth-colored fillings is that when it’s complete, no one will ever be able to tell that you’ve had a cavity or dental work done. We design our fillings to meet each patient’s unique needs and aesthetic goals; we even match the shade to your surrounding teeth, eye color, skin tone, and more to ensure it looks beautiful and natural. With tooth-colored fillings, you don’t need to worry about dark spots spoiling your pearly whites! Now, you can eat, speak, smile, and laugh with comfort and confidence.

Tooth-Colored Fillings Process at Our 19808 Dental Office

Before starting the treatment, we ensure the patient is comfortable and relaxed. If you have dental anxiety or fear of the dentist, we can accommodate you and provide a more pleasant, stress-free experience. 

Your dentist then isolates the tooth to keep it dry and removes all signs of decay. Next, they apply the adhesive followed by several layers of tooth-colored material. Little by little, we rebuild the tooth and cure the layers in intervals with a special light. 

Most patients have exceptional results with tooth-colored fillings, and they find these fillings last longer than conventional silver amalgam fillings. Experiencing minor sensitivity to temperatures is expected during the first few days after your filling placement. However, these sensations will quickly subside. 

Keep Your Smile Gorgeous and Healthy 

It is essential to your oral health and general wellness to receive routine dental exams and cleanings. This is especially true if you have restorations because these checkups ensure the filling stays intact. Tooth decay may also form in other areas of the tooth if you don’t practice excellent oral hygiene––brushing, flossing, and seeing your dentist regularly.

Our skilled and experienced dentists can address these issues at the earliest stages so you can keep your teeth problem-free and beautiful. 

Please give us a call today to schedule your next dental exam and cleaning near Pike Creek, DE.