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What are the signs that I may need a root canal?

Root canal therapy, unfortunately, gets a lot of undeserved hatred and fear. Many people misunderstand root canal treatment and what exactly it does, causing them to be afraid of the procedure and even avoid it entirely if their dentist ever recommends it. 

If you need a root canal or emergency root canal in Wilmington, don’t worry—we have experienced, gentle dentists who can take care of you and get your tooth on its way to healing. Root canals typically feel no different than a standard tooth filling, and you will be kept comfortable and numb during the entire procedure.

But how do you know if you need a root canal in the first place? Your most obvious and most prominent indicator will be pain. Root canal therapy removes an infection from deep inside a tooth, so teeth that require a root canal are typically very painful. 

Other signs that you should see your dentist in Wilmington for treatment include:

  • Sensitivity to temperature around a specific tooth
  • Pain when you chew your food or bite down
  • Irregular and sudden darkening of a tooth 
  • A tenderness that extends to your neighboring gums

The preferred way to know for sure whether you need a root canal or if your toothache is a sign of something else is to schedule a dental appointment with your dentist so they can evaluate the area more closely. If you’re worried about a painful tooth and want to learn more, don’t hesitate to contact our dental team!

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