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What's Behind This Bad Taste in My Mouth?

July 26, 2018
Posted By: Mark C. Gladnick, DDS
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Most of us have experienced a bad taste in our mouths from time to time, often caused by eating food such as garlic or drinking alcoholic beverages. But sometimes the bad taste can be the result of a medical or dental issue.

How do you know when it’s fine to ride it out or time to see your dentist in Wilmington? If you can’t brush away the taste with a toothbrush or rinse it away with mouthwash, you might want to talk to your healthcare provider.

What Kind of Bad Taste?

There are different types of bad tastes you can get in your mouth, including bitter, metallic, salty, overly sweet, and so forth.

Causes of Bad Tastes

As mentioned, sometimes you simply eat or drink something that lingers in your mouth, leaving a less-than-fresh feeling. But there can be other causes as well.

Poor Oral Hygiene

It should come as no surprise that not taking care of your oral health can be the root cause of a bad taste in the mouth. Often poor oral hygiene leads to cavities and gum infection, both of which can cause a bad taste that won’t go away.

Dry Mouth

When your mouth is dry, this means you are not creating enough saliva. Often this is due to medications, tobacco use, or growing older. This can cause bad breath as well as a bad taste.

Acid Reflux

People who suffer from this condition can easily develop a sour taste in their mouth because of the stomach acid that moves up through their esophagus. This condition can also cause other problems, including heartburn, hoarseness, and vomiting.


This condition is more common in infants, older adults, and those with diabetes. It is caused by an overgrowth of the Candida fungus.

Call Your Wilmington Dentist

If you are not sure why you have a persistent bad taste in your mouth, it’s crucial that you see your dentist in Wilmington. Dr. Mark Gladnick can give you an examination and recommend treatment, or he can refer you to your healthcare provider.

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