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How Invisalign Can Improve Your Life

April 25, 2019
Posted By: Drs. Gladnick and Justison Staff
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Invisalign can undoubtedly improve your appearance by straightening your teeth, but other benefits can significantly enhance the quality of your life. Many of our patients in Wilmington, DE who treat themselves to Invisalign can enjoy the additional benefits it brings. 

The Benefits of Clear Braces in Wilmington, DE

Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners to straighten and adjust teeth gradually. These orthopedic devices are removable and don’t require brackets or wires. Some of the benefits of Invisalign include:

  • Help with grinding: Because the aligners are durable plastic, they can also act as nightguards if you unknowingly grind your teeth at night. During the day, they can protect your teeth during sports or physical activities, similar to mouthguards.
  • Teeth whitening: You can use whitening gel in your aligners at night while you sleep, although your Wilmington, DE dentist can fit you with your personalized tray during your in-office visit. 
  • More natural teeth cleaning: Crooked or misaligned teeth can be hard to brush and floss properly. With straight teeth, you can practice at-home oral hygiene efficiently. During your biannual Wilmington, DE dentist visit your cleanings will be quicker and more accessible due to fewer crooked or twisted teeth. 
  • Clear and precise pronunciation: The placement of our teeth is essential to how we sound when we speak. Gaps in your teeth can make you talk with a lisp or a whistle. Sometimes misaligned teeth can make pronouncing certain sounds difficult. If you have a hard time speaking clearly, Invisalign braces can help improve the quality of your speech. Your Wilmington, DE dentist can help pinpoint areas in your smile that Invisalign braces will improve. 
  • Better overall oral health: Crooked teeth can lead to future dental problems in regards to tooth decay, tooth impaction, and general oral hygiene. Straightening your teeth using aligner braces in Wilmington, DE will not only improve your smile; it’s a significant investment in your oral future. 

Aligner Braces Aren’t Just for Looks!

Many people look forward to the impact Invisalign will have on their appearance and their immediate happiness. At our Wilmington, DE dental practice we are happy to inform our patients all the ways Invisalign braces can improve their life. Call our dental office today to begin making your smile experience better!

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