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FAQs: Root Canals / Endodontic Therapy

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Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we are asked by patients, as well as excerpts from Dr. Gladnick's column in the Wilmington News Journal's "Ask the Dentist."


Root Canals / Endodontic Therapy

root canal | wilmington deWe hear this question a lot, and the easy answer is – No! 

Dentists the world over would like nothing more than to dispel all the myths and negativity surrounding root canals! This is a critical procedure that does not cause pain – it relieves it!

Wilmington patients who have had root canals with Dr. Mark Gladnick have nothing but good things to say. Most tell us that the procedure was much easier than they anticipated.

There’s a chamber deep inside your tooth that houses nerves and tissue that keep the tooth alive. When decay penetrates this part of the tooth, it becomes infected, causing severe discomfort. We provide relief from this pain by performing root canal treatment.

The pain you feel before treatment is a result of the infection. Unfortunately, many people associate this pain with the procedure itself. The truth is that as soon as we numb the tooth to start the procedure, you will feel immediate relief. You may experience sensitivity for a day or two following treatment, but that’s true of many dental procedures.

If you think you may need a root canal, please call our Wilmington dental office. We’ll see you as soon as possible to provide you with the relief you need!

Besides protecting your temporomandibular joint (TMJ), eliminating muscle pain, relieving headaches, and protecting the enamel on your teeth, there are sizable financial savings to using a nightguard versus taking care of dental problems that may arise from not using one. 

Cost Of A Nightguard

Let's do the math. A nightguard will cost about $650. The cost of a single crown that will be needed to protect a tooth that has lost its enamel because of constant grinding is about $1200. Multiply this by six (or more) teeth, and you are approaching $10,000. If there is damage to the joint itself, an operation to repair the joint can cost about $30,000. 

Call Our Dental Office To Learn More

The decision to simply protect your teeth and joints with an inexpensive night guard seems like a good decision both economically and medically. If you would like to learn more information about nightguards, call Drs. Gladnick and Justison today! Our entire dental team is thrilled to meet you and the entire family.

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